Auto Stop

AUTO-STOP - the super stopper!

The safer way to park your car.

The "Auto-Stop" makes it easier and safer to park your car, especially where parking space is at a premium.

With the "Auto-Stop", your car can be parked right in front of an obstacle (e.g. the garage wall), which lets you economise on space effectively without having to risk damaging your car.


Design ideas

The triangular-shaped special stone bar is simply secured in the desired position (depending on the car – or with multiple cars, for the car that protrudes the most at the front), such as on concrete, paving slabs, grid paving stones or even garage tiles with the special one-component fixing adhesive (which is approved for outdoor use). For a new car, the position of the stone bar must be rechecked.

When using the "Auto-Stop" on parking spaces used by a range of different vehicles, the recommended distance between the obstacle and the "Auto-Stop" is approx. 1 m, to ensure enough clearance at the front for the most popular brands of vehicle.

On the photos shown below, two "Auto-Stops" have been installed next to each in each case, with the distance between each bar being 6 cm. This means 3.8 bars are required per metre of parking space. The "Auto-Stop" can also be used to separate individual parking spaces along their sides (although care should be taken not to put bars at vehicle entry/exit points).

The "Auto-Stop" can also be bolted to a parking space if required.


L x B x H: 25 x 14,8 x 10 cm
weight: 4,7 kg
piece/palett: 90

L=length, B=width, H=height