Christoph Multisteine

MULTISTEINE - the multifunctional block

Installed as slope reinforcements or a garden wall, the straight contours of our "Multistein" blocks offer an ideal adjoining edge for paving slabs or mowing strips.

Our Multistein blocks are also especially effective at creating walls at a wide variety of angles.

Design ideas

Choose between large and small blocks to make your landscaping ideas come to life.


  Multistein - small Multistein - large
L x B x H: 33 x 24 x 20 cm 45 x 30 x 30 cm
weight: 16,5 kg 39 kg
piece/palett: 90 40
requirements: 15,00/m² 7,40/m²
filling volume: 5,30l 14,50l

L=length, B=width, H=height


Please note that the colours on actual products may differ to those shown on your screen. The product photos are only intended to show the colours available and do not perfectly replicate the real-life colour shade.


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